Martin Ebdell

I provide a bespoke partnering service to business principals, property owners and developers to manage and deliver building projects on time and within budget.

I've been working directly with clients since 2000. My background is main contracting where for 15 years I successfully managed projects on site.

I have a strong commercial focus, proactive management style and I am a confident communicator.

Since 2000 I have...

Managed and completed £64 million of higher education development, funded by a private sector client.

Project managed £16 million of commercial refurbishment work, mostly in central London.

Managed and delivered £93 million of education development for a private/public partnership, all financed by commercial banks in a PFI style debt finance structure.

Carried out original briefing and provided on-going support to design teams in the USA on behalf of a UK based client.

Delivered over £3 million high quality design and build fit-out work.

Completed a project funded jointly by the Millennium Commission and European Development Fund.


- Development Management

- Design and Build Management

- Construction Project Management


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